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Fencing Sacramento, CA Sharp Landscapes, Inc. is the go-to company for all kinds of outdoor improvement projects in commercial and residential properties. We have completed countless projects in Folsom, Sacramento, Lincoln, Roseville, El Dorado, and other California areas. Our team of passionate and skilled crews can install landscapes, outdoor lighting, and custom-designed fences. We can install different types of fences such as wood, vinyl, wrought iron, concrete, PVC, and chain link. Our installers ensure that the fencing is attractive, made from durable materials, and built properly.

Got questions for us on our fencing installation services? Call us at 916-358-9428 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

Custom-Designed Fences

There are several perks of hiring Sharp Landscapes, Inc. for your fencing project. First, we have dedicated people who can handle all kinds of fence installation jobs, whether for small private residences or large commercial areas like hotels or resorts. Additionally, we don’t just build plain-looking fences but come up with unique designs inspired by our clients’ peculiar taste and design requirements.

We can achieve a truly personalized design by considering the theme of your landscape, the size of your property, topography of the area, and your budget. We also determine the main function of the fence – is it for security purposes or as a decorative feature (like garden fences)? These factors will help us decide the best design of the fence, so you could get the benefits you need.

Quality Fencing Materials

Fences help keep any property safe from possible intruders and add a great deal of privacy. Moreover, they can make the property more attractive with the right design and materials. At Sharp Landscapes, Inc., we only use durable fencing materials in every fence installation task that we accept. Here are the materials that we normally use to create durable, functional, and eye-catching fences:

  • Wood. Clients may choose from several great varieties of hardwood, such as redwood, cypress, spruce, cedar, fir, and pine. We apply appropriate treatment solutions to the wood planks that we install to ensure that they will be resistant to termites and exposure to harsh weather, as well as project a nice appeal.

  • Concrete. The concrete fences that we create are all built by experienced masons and builders. We use top quality materials and sturdy reinforcements to guarantee fences that will not topple down or get damaged due to changing climate exposure or minor ground shaking events. We may use decorative concrete techniques to enhance the look of your concrete fence.

We accept fencing projects for residential and commercial properties across CA. Just call us and let’s talk about your fencing requirements.

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