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Landscaping Folsom, CA For a landscape to function well, be sustainable and healthy, every little aspect needs to be planned perfectly and the installation needs to be handled with care. It also means that landscaping isn't a job you can entrust to an inexperienced landscape contractor, and this is where we come into the picture.

We at Sharp Landscapes Inc. are a reputed and highly experienced landscaping company in Folsom, CA. We offer comprehensive landscaping solutions to our clients here and make sure that every installation is handled with care so you are assured of superior services every single time. Our expertise in the field helps ensure that our clients receive customized services that fit beautifully into their budget. The different services we offer include:


We provide start to end landscaping services which include planning and designing every aspect of the landscape. Once you have approved the plans, we also expertly handle the installations. In addition to all-round landscape design and planning solutions, we also provide outstanding landscape maintenance services . In short, we are the one stop company for all your landscaping requirements. We provide the best services at very competitive costs which goes a long way in providing our clients value for money. The use of high grade materials and the best workmanship helps ensure that every installation is appealing and durable. While we handle new landscape design and installation projects, our team also offers excellent landscape remodeling solutions.

Landscape Maintenance

Once you have a well-planned and well-designed landscape in place, it is also extremely important to make sure that it is maintained with regularity. That's the only way all of the living elements and the hardscaping will stay in good shape over the years. We provide custom landscape maintenance solutions to our clients in Folsom, CA and can handle commercial and residential jobs with equal amounts of expertise. We craft solutions that work perfectly for you and address the specific requirements of various features in your landscape. The use of high-quality organic fertilization and pest control products and the latest and most advanced tools and equipment ensure the landscape care job is completed efficiently.

Landscape Lighting

The aesthetic appeal, safety and functionality of a landscape depend on various aspects. It is very important to have well-planned features that are installed using good quality materials in the right manner. However, it is also very important to make sure that your outdoor areas have the right kind of landscape lighting. As an all-service landscape contractor in Folsom, CA, we also offer high-quality exterior lighting solutions to our clients. We can install paver lights, floodlights, step lights, lamp posts, boundary wall lights and more. We also focus on aspects such as energy efficiency and use outdoor LED lights and fittings in our work.

To discuss the details about your next landscaping project, feel free to call Sharp Landscapes Inc on this number- 916-358-9428. Our team is here to answer questions and provide you with all the information you need about our services in Folsom CA. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form and we will call you shortly.

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