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Landscaping El Dorado County, CA Getting a new landscape installed or upgrading an existing one involves a considerable amount of planning. Hiring the right landscaping contractor is one of the best ways to ensure that you get a good return on investment.

While there is no dearth of service providers in this field, it isn’t easy to find one that would be able to provide high quality, customized services at reasonable pricing. This is where we at Sharp Landscapes Inc. distinguish ourselves from other companies in the region. We are a reputed and highly experienced landscape contractor in El Dorado County, CA.

We offer comprehensive landscaping solutions to our clients here and make sure that every installation is handled with care so you are assured of superior services every single time. Our expertise in the field helps ensure that our clients receive customized landscaping and lawn care services that fit beautifully into their budget. The different services we offer include:

Landscape Contractor

We are one of the leading companies in this industry and provide all-round landscaping services in El Dorado County, CA. including design and planning as well as installation. We also handle all types of landscape upgrade and remodeling projects for commercial and residential clients. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients get the kind of services they expect and deserve. Our customized approach helps ensure that all of your requirements are kept in view and that the final product meets your expectations to the tee. We use high grade materials in our work and our seasoned technicians ensure that every feature is installed to industry standards.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawns add a very beautiful look and create a refreshing atmosphere in the outdoor areas of your property. The lush green grass is extremely soothing to the eyes and these areas also become the perfect backdrop for various other installations in your landscape. However, lawns require regular care and hiring experienced El Dorado County, CA lawn maintenance professionals is one of the best ways to make sure that your turf gets the kind of attention it needs. We customize our lawn care plans based on the kind of grass on your property and ensure that it gets the right amount of nutrition and care.

Lawn Fertilizing

In addition to regular mowing, aerating and de-weeding, it is also very important to make sure that your turf is fertilizedregularly. We make use of organic fertilizers that support your grass and make it resistant to diseases. The right kinds of formulations also help keep the grass green and healthy right round the year. We understand that different landscapes will have different requirements; it’s why we provide tailored lawn fertilization plans. Regardless of whether you require a small patch of turf fertilized on your residential property on commercial lawn fertilization done, we are the company that can provide you with the best solutions.

To discuss the details about your next landscaping project or lawn maintenance requirements feel free to call Sharp Landscapes Inc on this number- 916-358-9428. Our team is here to answer questions and provide you all the information you need about our services in El Dorado County. CA. You can also send us your queries through this Contact Us form and we will call you shortly.

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