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Lawn Care Sacramento, CA If you see well-manicured and lush lawns, they are certainly maintained by professional lawn care service providers. And here at Sharp Landscapes, Inc, we can help you achieve a gorgeous lawn that is healthy, lush, and inviting. For years, we have been maintaining lawns in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Lincoln and Eldorado County, CA. We can surely do the same thing for you if you will hire us soon. Just call us and we will discuss with you how we can maintain the beauty and health of your lawn.

The Lawn Care Experts

If you’re looking for landscaping personnel with lengthy experience and a stellar track record in lawn care, then your search should end with us. We have several decades’ worth of relevant experience maintaining lawns in private residences, homeowners associations, commercial properties, and public parks. Our crews are the finest people that you can hire to look after your trees, shrubs, turf, and garden flowers. They are highly skilled, hardworking, and always willing to go outside their comfort zones just to give our Tennessee clients the service that they deserve.

We are versatile lawn care crews who can handle all tasks necessary to keep lawns in perfect shape and beauty. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we can assure you of proper maintenance techniques that will never harm anything in your lawn. We use safe methods and products when performing our tasks and we make sure not to cause any undue disruption in your daily activities as we work.

Lawn Care Services that We Offer

As mentioned, we can handle various lawn care services that clients in Sacramento and other cities that we serve need help with. Here is a short list of the services that we offer:

  • Mowing. We can perform periodic mowing of your lawn so the turf stays healthy all year round.

  • Trimming and Pruning. We have the required tools and equipment to effectively perform trimming and pruning of trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials.

  • Fertilizing. Using only eco-friendly fertilizers, we can ensure that your plantings receive the nutrients needed to help keep their health in check.

  • Core Aeration. Core aeration has been proven to offer so many outstanding benefits. Through this maintenance technique, property owners can expect lowered water runoff and absence of puddles, stronger grassroots, and more heat- and drought-resistant turf.

  • Seeding and Sodding. We also offer seeding and sodding services. We have access to all varieties of turf for seeding purposes while we have premium sods for clients who want instant lawn.
  • Weed and Pest Control. Our lawn maintenance team will make sure that your lawn is free of invasive weed species and harmful pest that can jeopardize the health of your greenery.

All of these tasks will ensure the health and clean look of your lawn, and we can guarantee you that they will be handled only by qualified crews.

If you want to be assured of exceptional lawn care services without the hefty price tag, then call us now. We have been the leading lawn maintenance contractor serving El Dorado County and nearby locations. You may reach us on 916-358-9428.

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