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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Sacramento, CA There are a lot of benefits that a property owner can enjoy just by having a well-maintained landscape. The most obvious is an orderly and pleasant-looking landscape with the turf and trees in perfect shape and health. There will also be no broken branches that can accidentally fall off and hurt people roaming around. One can also expect to hear sighs of admiration from guests who marvel at the beauty of the landscape. And when it comes to performing various landscape maintenance tasks, the best company to hire is Sharp Landscapes, Inc.

We have served countless clients in various locations, including residents of Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Lincoln and Eldorado County, CA. We have made a name for ourselves by rendering comprehensive landscape maintenance assistance to clients who require professional services at affordable rates. We are the company to hire if you demand nothing but outstanding results. Call us now.

Experienced Landscape Maintenance Crews

Maintaining landscapes is a job best left to people with lengthy experience. At Sharp Landscapes, Inc, we are not short with crews who are experienced in landscape maintenance and all tasks under it.

Our crews have with them decades’ worth of experience handling residential and commercial maintenance works. We have complete tools that allow us to perform our jobs efficiently and finish projects ahead of deadlines. We also have access to supplies and materials needed for our jobs, so clients are assured of commendable outcomes each time they hire us. We are the only company that can guarantee the tiptop condition of our clients’ landscapes.

Services that We Provide

As one-stop landscape maintenance service providers, we can expertly perform all tasks related to keeping landscapes in excellent condition. Here is a list of the maintenance services that we offer to our clients:

  • Mowing. Lawn grasses should be properly and periodically cut to ideal height to become healthy and resistant to diseases. Accordingly, our crews know the right frequency and mowing height based on the specific species of grass planted in your lawn. With us, your lawn will be looking always clean and healthy all year long.

  • Seasonal cleanups. Whether it is spring or fall, you can surely count on us to clean up your yard. We can get rid of dead leaves or debris that has accumulated over the season.

  • Pruning and trimming. Keeping a landscape attractive and plantings healthy is an arduous task for most homeowners. Let us ease your burden by allowing us to perform difficult landscape maintenance tasks such as pruning and trimming. We have the right tools and skilled people so we can perform the tasks efficiently.

  • Irrigation maintenance. We will ensure the proper functioning of your irrigation system by performing regular check-ups and maintenance works. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of different types of irrigation systems, so you can expect reliable service from them.

  • Fertilizing and mulching. We have certified crews who can apply the right type of fertilizers and mulches to improve the health of your plantings.

Please call us today at 916-358-9428 so we can perform your needed landscape maintenance tasks soon.

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