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Irrigation Sacramento, CA There are some ways on how we can help you maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system. One is by customizing the system to suit your landscape’s specific needs. This will help ensure that your plantings get just the right amount of water they need. We can also perform periodic maintenance and repair to ensure that the system will function flawlessly at all times. We could likewise do a general audit of the system to see if it performs as expected. At times, we make some adjustments in the system’s parts to ensure that it will perform according to the needs of your plants.

At Sharp Landscapes Inc, we are the right people to call for design and installation of irrigation system. The systems we have installed for clients in Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, Lincoln and El Dorado County, CA were guaranteed efficient and reliable. Since 2000, we have been the most trusted company by California property owners who demand topnotch landscape watering system. Please let us know your specific irrigation-related concerns and let us offer you the right solution.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient among the different systems used in landscapes, but you still need experts to install it. Our seasoned crews will ensure that your drip-type irrigation will be very efficient by carefully calculating the distance between emitters and positioning them where most advisable, using the right kinds of pipes, choosing the perfect valves, and performing calibrations to ensure that the system works perfectly. In short, we promise not to leave anything to chance but ensure that the entire system is installed according to industry standards.

Irrigation Supplies

The reliability of your system also relies on the kind of supplies used. At Sharp Landscapes Inc, we use only premium irrigation supplies from trusted names such as Rainbird and Hunter. Among the supplies that we get from these suppliers are valves, sprinkler heads, rotors, backflow preventers, fittings and joints, pumps, filters and screens, controllers, and timers. All of these products and supplies are guaranteed of the highest quality and dependable so you’re assured of the impeccable performance from your irrigation.

Sprinkler Head

Only premium sprinkler head must be used on your lawn to guarantee reliable performance from the system. You will also enjoy years of service if you only pick sprinkler heads made from durable materials. At Sharp Landscapes Inc, we will help you choose the best sprinkler heads for your landscape. Moreover, we don’t just install the finest quality sprinklers but also replace defective ones. Our crews can do a routine check of your heads to see if they’re in A1 condition; if not, they will perform the required maintenance work.

Irrigation Sprinkler

If you are looking for reliable irrigation sprinkler installers, we are the company to hire. We can guarantee systematic and expert installation of all types of sprinklers since we have used practically all brands. We have the right tools and equipment to expedite all installation tasks so you won’t have to wait long just to have your desired sprinkler system installed on your lawn or landscape.

If you wish to learn more about our irrigation installation, maintenance, and repair services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (916)-358-9428. We’d be happy to serve you soon.

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